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Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

A people-loving, Jesus-centred church.​

This logo was proudly created by Lukas Roch. It includes our values and our vision. 

The reason for the lighthouse is because it a metaphor for our church being a light in the darkness, showing the way to Jesus for those who are lost.

Lighthouse Poster.png

Mission Statement

To love people as Jesus loves them, we will focus on the following three areas:


Our relationship with God.  We will seek to grow in dependency upon God and go deeper in our faith. We seek to do this so that we are strengthened to live a life that reflects Jesus. We shall listen to God and be transformed by Him through the following ways:


  • Worship and prayer

  • Reading scripture

  • Preaching and teaching God’s Word



Our relationships with each other. We will seek to take an interest in all people, encouraging people to use their gifts and feel appreciated. We will seek to support and care for one another as we live out our faith through the following ways:


  • Encouraging deeper relationships through small groups/homegroups

  • Practical care for all

  • Intergenerational activities



Our relationship with the world/community around us. We will seek to support each other to live and share who Jesus is through the whole of our lives both within the community of Eltham and the world around us. We will seek to do this in the following ways:


  • Be a positive presence in the community

  • Share our faith

  • Be concerned for our environment and issues of justice


We shall seek to have the following values expressed amongst us:

  • Forgiving   

  • Loving       

  • Listening   

  • Kindness

  • Caring

  • Generous

  • Welcoming

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