The History of our Church

At EPBC we have a long and rich history. We have created a brief outline of the history of our church. To view the timeline, please switch to a desktop.

If you would like to discover more, we have an 87 page booklet that is available in the church office at request.

At EPBC we have a long and rich history. We have created a brief outline of the history of our church on this page. If you would like to discover more, we have an 87 page booklet that is available in the church office at request.

January 1902

A committee was formed to discuss the planting of a Baptist church on Westmount Road, in the Corbett Estate.

19th February 1903

There was a stone laying ceremony for the foundation of the School Hall/Temporary Chapel.

7th April 1904

A. C. Chambers was welcomed into the church as our first pastor.

August 1910

A joint LBA*/EPBC** building committee was appointed for the building of the Church Sanctuary.

*London Baptist Association

**Eltham Park Baptist Church

Saturday 30th September 1911

The foundation stones were laid for the Church Sanctuary, followed by supper for the individuals who had been involved in the building.

Thursday 11th April 1912

Members gathered for the opening of the church and a service, lead by Rev Charles Brown.

1914 - 1918 World War One

The First World War broke out and many church members went to war.

There were struggles in the church during this time due to lack of members and enthusiasm.

March 1927

Our first Manse was purchased at 22 Glenhouse Road.


The Girls' Life Brigade (which became Girls' Brigade) started here in 1937, Miss Newton was captain until 1943. Miss Joan Fry took over afterwards. 

1939 - 1945 World War Two

The Second World War began and there were once again struggles in the church due to the lack of members as they went to war.


The Boys' Life Brigade (which became Boys' Brigade) started here in 1943, Mr Ronald T Sheen was captain.

Saturday 23rd May 1953

The church celebrated their 50th anniversary with a Jubilee Garden Party.

November 1954

Our current Manse was purchased at 46 Glenlyon Road.

1957 - 1958

One of the most significant events of the 1950's was the re-building of the School Hall (The Big Hall), which had been almost totally destroyed during the Second World War.

The re-building committee first met on the 20th June 1957 and the new school hall was opened on Saturday 11th October 1958.

July 1963

There was an extension added to the Primary Hall, called the Beginners Hall, and a small kitchen.


Holiday Bible Club started.


The church celebrated 75 years of worship and witness. There was a celebration buffet with the centre piece being a three tiered cake, made and decorated buy Joyce Dale.


The Annexe was opened by David Doonan. We now refer to it as the Friendship Centre. 


The church began a "vision process", out of this came our Church Motto, "Faith to share and care". 


We celebrated our 100th anniversary by putting on a performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, involving many members of the congregation, youth and present Pastor playing Joseph.


We held a competition to re-brand our Sunday School. Lots of people submitted suggestions and ideas. Vikki Jones won with the submission 'God's Galaxy', the different age groups were name after interstellar terms like "milky-way" and "supernova". Paul Jones then became the new leader of God's Galaxy.


The church youth group was officially named EPYC, which stands for "Eltham Park Youth Crew", by the young people at the time. Rosie Jones (Conroy) and Amy Meadowcroft (Goold) designed the logo as pictured.

Sat 28th November 2009

The church held a 24 hour period of solid worship to God called 'Quench', organised by Sam Goold and the present youth leader, Rosie Jones (Conroy). During this time they had multiple activities happening at once – utilising the entire church and halls, for the entire 24 hours, to try and ‘Quench’ everybody’s differing thirsts for Jesus. They included:

Songs with live Bands, Prayer, Discussions, Reading, Silent Rave, Quiz, Games, Crafts, Workshops, Stalls, Morning Service, God's Galaxy, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, 24 Hour Café, DVDs and Talks.

“It is surely impossible to praise the lord for 24 hours; or for any amount of time long or short, and not to grow closer to him. It will be worth it.” - Unknown.

22 Feb 2010

EPYC took part in the 'Tearfund No Slumber' Challenge. This was where they lived a day in the life in poverty that 80% of our world live in. They each were given an identity to live by for the 24 hours. They made shoes to earn money to buy food to eat, built shelters, washed clothes in buckets, took very long walks and slept on the floors. All throughout the time, they read about peoples stories of how life was for them, and what we could do to help.

It truly was an eye opening experience and impacted our youth.

11th July 2010

EPYC performed their first of many EPYC Panto's to raise money to go to Soul Survivor. The Panto was based on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Click here to watch the finale.


Gods Galaxy was re-branded 'Kingdom Kids' when Alice Brand took it on, in 2016.


We held our first Messy Church session in 2016, ran by Alice Brand and supporters.


In the process of looking at our church as a whole, and on the search for a new Pastor, the church logo was updated by the newly founded Publicity Team, along with a brand new website.

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