Church Leaders

Our Minister

Rev. Lucy Wright
What she does

Lucy started as Minister at EPBC in October 2018.  Prior to this, she studied Theology firstly at Bangor University and then spent three years at Bristol Baptist College to become an accredited Baptist Minister and spent 9 years with her previous church.

Helping others discover God's love for themselves and for the wider world, is a passion of Lucy's. She particularly enjoys encouraging others to see the relevance of the Bible for today through worship on a Sunday, during the week, and helping others to discover how they can put it into practice in their own lives.

Lucy enjoys Zumba, music, the theatre, films and walking in the countryside or in one of London's many parks. She is also a keen reader and collector of books.


Our Minister In Training

Cherie Rogers
What she does

Cherie began her ministerial training at EPBC in September 2020, having felt God’s call on her life to Baptist ministry, but she has been a member here since 2009. She works three days a week for the church and spends three days studying Theology at Spurgeon’s College.

Encouraging the spiritual lives and growth of others is important to Cherie, especially through the church homegroups and one-to-one coffees.


She loves worship, leading from the piano, helping to bring others into the presence of God. Cherie enjoys listening to music and making music with others, walking in the countryside, and drawing and painting.



What do they do?

Working with and supporting the Minister, the task of the diaconate is to offer:

  • Spiritual Leadership - Praying through and discussing key issues in the life of the church and empowering church members to own and develop the ministry and mission of our fellowship.

  • Pastoral Concern - Contributing to the wider pastoral network of care, welcoming people at the door on a Sunday and serving people at Communion.

  • Practical Oversight - Each deacon taking responsibility for some aspects of the church's ministry and working with others to develop that part of our fellowship.

Legally, deacons are Managing Trustees of the church and work in line with our Trust Deed and the UK charity laws.

Rachel liases with the Baptist Union and writes agendas and minutes for deacons and church members meetings. She also occasionally helps out in Kingdom Kids. She loves singing. 

Rachel Priddle

Church Secretary


Tom is a leader of the young people home group - Ding Dong and  leader in the Junior Section of our Boys' Brigade, who meet in the church.

Tom also hosts the church zoom meetings on a Sunday Morning.

Tom Feasey

Andrew works hard to keep our finances under control. He oversees the formation of yearly budgets, keeps on top of the income and expenditure and is the one we go to when we need something paid for! He is also a key member of our worship team. 

Andrew Goldsworthy

Church Tresurer




Heather’s role is to lead the team that oversees some of the Pastoral Care of the church. She and her team help to ensure that folk who are not supported through a home group, are visited and shown a friendly face. If you are aware of someone in need, please let Heather’s team know. 

Heather Goldsworthy

Pastoral Care

Gill is our link with children and young people. She is a member of the wider youth team, teaches in Kingdom Kids and regularly leads a Sunday service. 

Gill Riley

Colin works in the office and supports the smooth running of the administration of the church. He also excels in organising church parties. 

Colin Barnes

Kathy was baptised in 1964 and has been a church member at Eltham Park for over 30 years. She leads Knit & Natter on Tuesdays and send Birthday cards from the BMS to those who are in the Birthday Scheme.

Kathy Nobbs

Jill co-ordinates PrayerNet, leads the email homegroup and is involved with the admin duties.

If you have any notices or prayer requests for the church, send them to Jill.

Jill Rackley

Youth Leaders

James and Christina lead EPYC, our youth group, with help from our youth team. We host a wide variety of activities, aiming to cater for all the youth connected with our church. They are both actively involved in running brigades.

James & Christina Feasey

A team leads Kingdom Kids on Sunday mornings during the church services. We follow the 'SU Light Syllabus'. 

The Team

Kingdom Kids