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Westmount Churches are inviting you to

In Search of Easter!

St. Luke's, Eltham Park Methodist Church and Eltham Park Baptist Church (us).

This event will take place between the 4th and 11th of April 2021.

In Search of Easter is a trail-based treasure hunt for children and families, using a series of videos and activities to encourage conversation and help crack a code. It is a fun activity to help children and their families to explore the Easter story and consider who Jesus really is.


You are free to participate in the trail at a time convenient to you, from Easter Sunday 4th April until Sunday 11th April.


The Westmount Churches are working together using material from Scripture Union to create a trail around the Westmount Road area – five ‘stations’ - starting at St Luke’s and ending up at the Baptist Church. Clue posters at each ‘station’ offer activities and QR codes for accessing videos, as your family bubble explores the local area.

How will this work?

You will need a smart phone with a QR reader app for this. Use the NHS Track and Trace app, to show you are taking part.

Scan the QR code on the poster for the trail when you arrive at each station.

You will then watch a short video, which will give you the clues you need to crack the code!

For everybody’s safety, please adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Please complete the trail in small ‘family bubble’ groups and maintain social distancing from other group and the general public.

  • If another group is at a station, please wait until it is free before approaching.

  • Please consider wearing a face covering in areas where there are lots of others around.

  • Please follow government guidance on hand washing and no physical contact.

  • If you are clinically vulnerable, please think carefully about the risks involved in your participation in this trail.

If you do not have a QR Code reader or if yours has decided not to work, please refer to the below YouTube links that the QR codes would have taken you to.

First Station

Second Station

The third station has no video

Fourth Station

Fifth Station

Don't forget to link, @, # (hashtag) and message us in your posts so we can see how much you enjoyed yourselves!

St. Luke's

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