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Welcome to EPYC!

EPYC stands for Eltham Park Youth Club, and is available to young people in year 7-13 at Secondary School.

James and Christina are EPYC's Youth Leaders and have a team working along side them.

What we get up to


Socials range from trips out, sleepovers, games nights, themed challenge events and relaxing. It’s a chance to meet up with your friends and have a nice time.

Movie Night_edited.png


This is our all aged evening service, focused around worship, with a short talk, and plenty of food and hot chocolate afterwards with time to socialise and enjoy fellowship following the service.

Movie Night

Bring a selection of films rated 12 and below for us to choose from and enjoy a wide range of cinema snacks and drinks.

Ding Dong_edited.jpg

Ding Dong

This is our youth house group open to secondary school years 9-13. It is held at a variety of different homes and we aim to study the Bible in more depth, usually following a series.

We went on our first self organised Youth Holiday in 2018! It was quite the experience. We went to a converted church called St Bartz in Lewes.

Enjoy the video!

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